Total Fence Products No.❶ Total Fence Products
Total Fence Products No.❶ Total Fence Products

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  • Concertina / Razor Fencing

    Concertina Razor coils is supplied typically in single coils or crossed spiral coils....
  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed wire fencing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of fencing, made out of steel wire....
  • Chain Link System Accessories

    Chain Link Fence Specifications   A chain link fence is a type of woven fen...
Welcome to Total Fence Products

Total Fence manufactures and supplies perimeter fencing. That defines our core competency.

Total fence Products is an excellent choice to fulfill your requirements for fencing. We are providing our service for over 27 years’ experience with quality perimeter security solutions. We have all the types of fencing like Agriculture fence, security fence, Industrial fence, PVC fence etc… Total fence provides service all over Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andra & Karnataka.

There are a variety of reasons to choose Total fence Products !!!!!!

  • Quality of the Products
  • Quality Security
  • Warranty
  • Excellent Services to enhance the customer satisfaction
  • Experienced & professionally trained Installers
  • Punctuality – Actions takes place at the agreed or given time
  • Separate teams for each department
  • Professional fence installation services


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